Rudy's Jazz Room embodies the history and spirit of traditional jazz clubs, where musicians played their hearts out while people gathered to listen, dance, eat, drink and socialize in a swingin' atmosphere.

An authentic jazz experience in Music City USA. Standing out as a beacon in the city, Rudy’s Jazz Room raises Nashville to the level of other great jazz cities like New York, New Orleans, Chicago, Kansas City and many more, and fully allows Nashville to live up to its name as "Music City" with a full fledge and accessible jazz club, embracing and contributing to the flourishing Nashville scene.

Much attention to detail has been put into Rudy's design, aesthetics, and environment which, alongside its great music and food, is one of its greatest appeals to customers seeking a unique, warm, and intimate late-night bar and jazz club experience. The design and layout of the club is very eclectic, warm and cozy, and very "New York City meets New Orleans" vibe, similar to Smalls jazz club in New York City, and many other intimate listening room style jazz clubs throughout the world.

Think late-night, dark, warm, intimate, eclectic, fine food and drinks and most of all fine jazz. With the assistance of renowned acoustic designer Michael Cronin, the listening room was built with great attention to acoustics, combined with a beautiful Steinway Model B grand piano, be prepared to enjoy one of the best listening room experiences in the country.

Chef and co-owner Michael Braden heads up the kitchen serving some of New Orleans finest cuisine. Born in New Orleans, and raised on his family's rich history of creole cuisine, Michael soaked up the culinary experiences offered in the city, and eventually ventured into his own successful culinary endeavor. Now heading up the kitchen at Rudy's Jazz Room, be prepared to experience authentic New Orleans cuisine right here in Nashville.

With a love of jazz and desire to be able to have similar experiences of his favorite jazz clubs in New York City, co-owner Adam Charney was inspired to create an authentic jazz club experience in Nashville. Having grown up in Nashville, and being intimately familiar with the growing music scene and the void of a true jazz club that had grown increasingly evident over the years, it became apparent to Adam that he and longtime friend Michael Braden should make it happen.

Nashville was primed for an authentic jazz club for some time, and with great support from the Nashville community of jazz lovers and musicians, Rudy's Jazz Room opened its doors in 2017. Located in the Gulch, Rudy's Jazz Room is centrally located, while offering a unique experience rivaled by no other club in Nashville, and widely considered amongst the top jazz clubs in the world, combining world-class jazz shows with an intimate environment, fine cuisine and exquisite drinks.